My First Cassandra Summit

Hey guys! Just got back from an awesome event, and if you were there I’m sure you’ll agree, that Cassandra Summit 2014 was a hit! We really knocked the ball out of the park. Seeing how it was my first Cassandra Summit, I wasn’t completely certain on what to expect. But I can tell you that it was intense energy and fun from start to finish. I met so many awesome people, some new faces and others I had only seen in pictures or over google hangout, meeting them in person for the first time was definitely an experience. The venue was awesome. The whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind, but I’ll try and give give you a bit of a run down.


Good Morning SF. It’s time for Cassandra Summit

Wednesday was mostly filled with training sessions, intensive all day training sessions on Data Modeling a Performance Tuning. I sat in on most of Patrick McFadin’s session to see if I could help any if I could, and also see what I could learn from our new, more academic approach to data modeling. Room was totally packed with people eager to learn, laptops all over the place, we even had to set up a few extra chairs in the back. After the training, I did a lap around the sponsor pavilion, where over 20 sponsors had cool booths, including Accenture, Microsoft, Databricks and many others. The welcome reception was relaxed and fun, with groovy tunes to set the mood for the evening.

image (2)

Wednesday’s Keynote

image (3)

A packed room for data modeling training

Thursday we launched into talks/sessions. First Billy Bosworth gave an inspiring keynote, followed by Jonathan Ellis outlining some of the new features in 2.1. I then spent the first part of the day hanging out in the Cassandra Live room. There was music, games, crazy photos being taken and all sort of shenanigans. After lunch, heading down to the main ballroom to watch a few sessions: Patrick McFadin’s Real Data Models of Silicon Valley, and a talk by Demonware (who use Cassandra for Call of Duty, they mentioned their awesome uptime) and finally talk by ING bank. The day was rounded off by some neat lightning talks. A personal fav for me, with my background in biochemistry, was Andy Cobley’s talk on Cassandra and Proteomics. And then of course, the pièce de résistance, the Cassandra Summit Bar Crawl. We received our plastic Cassandra Summit beer cup and began our pilgrimage.

image (7)

Wait, is that a giant iPhone in the Cassandra Live room?

image (8)

The Data Modeler himself: Patrick McFadin talks about cool new CQL features in 2.1

image (5)

Chillin in the Borgia room.

In all, Cassandra Summit was blast! I didn’t know I would have this much fun, and I’m totally looking forward to next, when we will surely be even bigger and more amazing. Everyone I spoke to in attendance was having an great time. All the brain power and knowledge being shared, as well as food, laughs and cool swag had everyone in a upbeat mood. Looking forward to next year!!



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Biochemist by trade, transitioning to computer engineering.
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